International Alliance - BLS Accounting Dubai

We are a member firm of the internationally recognized Geneva Group International. An established leading international alliance, Geneva Group International ranks as the 6th largest International Network & Association in the world. GGI embodies over 460 independent accounting, audit, consulting & law firms globally.

Spanning over 650 offices and 22,000 employees worldwide representing 220,000 clients, Geneva Group International was found in 1995 with its current headquarters situated in Zurich, Switzerland.

A common mission to provide top quality services binds GGI and its member firms globally. Integrity, competence, independence, respect and passion are the key philosophies of GGI that unite it with its member firms. BLS was invited to join GGI as an independent member in the year 2000.

GGI has periodic Peer Review procedures for evaluating the independence, reputation and professional working procedures of its member firms. Continuous professional education is provided through training seminars and the GGI Intranet, known as ‘Geneva Link’.

GGI is also in the process of setting up a virtual management institution with affiliation to internationally recognised universities to facilitate on-going training and professional development.